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4 weeks after Conde's disappearance....
Things are getting super coupley. Kenna is hot after Renaude, Claude likes Leith, Bash and Delphine are hooking up and Catherine reunites Narcisse with his beloved horse as a thank you for his love and loyalty to her.
Meanwhile, Conde is going to fight for Francis's crown and he's quickly getting the upperhand. With Elizabeth's help he's able to blackmail Renaude into switching sides. He also arranges to kidnap Mary, but she escapes and returns to the castle. 
Francis's sends a plea for help to Spain, but King Philip may be too late. So to protect the royal family, Francis intends to scatter everyone to different places. He gives an emotional farewell to John and Lola. Claude gets ready to leave with Leith. Catherine decides to stand by her son. Mary offers to do the same, but Francis refuses. He couldn't stand if he were unable to protect her once again.
Narcisse bids Lola goodbye and professes his affection, giving her a passionate kiss that's witnessed by one of Catherine's spies.
Before anyone can leave, Renaude's men and Francis's few remaining soldiers have a small skirmish at the castle. Kenna watches Renaude and Bash battle it out and she save's her husband's life with a warning. Bash takes the general down and throws him in the dungeon. When a huffy Kenna confronts Renaude he reveals that he was blackmailed, but now he'd like to help this true king with whatever remaining hours he may have of his life. 
Conde shows up with nearly a thousand men. Francis has no hope of holding his reign. The two meet face-to-face and Conde asks for Francis's surrender. He tells Francis that he could take his crown, but wed Mary and keep her safe. Francis knows that Mary will never truly be safe from Elizabeth, no matter what Conde thinks, and refuses the offer. Francis hopes against all odds that help will come from King Philip, but Conde squashes that idea when he tosses the decapitated head of a messenger at the 
his feet. 
While everyone is hiding inside the castle walls, Catherine invites Narcisse to her quarters for a lavish last meal. Only it turns out Narcisse's steak is actually from his beloved horse. That's what you get when you fool around on the Queen Mother!
Claude and Leith are forced to run from soldiers and take to the secret tunnels where she sees a scary man hiding in the shadows.
Delphine, who spooked Bash a little with her intensity over their future together, takes one of his bloody shirts and using a poor sap of a servant as his stand-in, performs a pagan binding ceremony.
Francis tells Mary everything that Conde said. He confesses that he seriously considered surrendering and giving up his life for her,  but knew that Conde was wrong about keeping her safe from Elizabeth. Because he couldn't ensure her life he couldn't give up his reign. So come tomorrow, barring any kind of miracle, the two will die together. 
Mary is astonished that Frances considered doing such a thing for her and says whatever happens this was never the end she dreamed of for them.
The show ends with Mary sneaking out of the castle and meeting with Conde. She tells him she wants him to take the crown and marry her. Especially as she's carrying his baby. 
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Reign Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Whose blood concerns you more, your husband or your lover's?


All that stands between him and the crown is my head.