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Mary is informed of Francis' illness. When he goes to see him she's confronted by an irate and accusatory Catherine who knows everything. Rumors of Francis' illness is spreading, but Mary tries to convince everyone he's on a hunting trip. Narcisse doesn't buy it for one minute.
Admiral Sinet informs Mary that protestant rebels are mobilizing a military offensive against her supporters. All regions and lords loyal to her are in imminent danger and people are already being killed. Conde reminds Mary that she's acting King and could send French troops. Catherine goes on the defensive to stop her. 
Leith is still willing to do whatever it takes to marry Greer. Unfortunately, he's also tasked with getting Claude out of the castle so she doesn't learn of Francis' illness. As for Greer, the madam has rented a townhouse and is having an open house to introduce her new brothel.
Mary asks Kenna to go find Bash so he can say his final goodbyes to Francis. Kenna's driver has a heart attack and she's stranded in the woods. She intends to steal a horse from General Renaude's regiment but gets caught. He plans to escort her back to the castle until he gets a note telling him not to come as planned. 
Claude runs away from Leith and makes a scene at Greer's party. She later shows an interest in Leith, in wanting to pick a better man and choose a different path for herself, but he turns her down.
Seeing Clarissa panics Bash into thinking something is wrong with Francis. When he learns he was right to worry, he believes there's only one way to keep Nostradamus' prediction from coming true and that's to kill Catherine's first born. He poison's the girl's wine and then holds her in his arms as she dies.
Francis makes a miraculous recovery and to Catherine and Mary's astonishment sends two-thousand troops to Scotland to honor their alliance. He then tells Mary it's up to her what she does next. She has everything she wanted. 
Mary tells Conde that she can't leave for Scotland, not after what Francis did for her, for her country. Conde wants more than an affair and says he doesn't know if her heart is enough....
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Reign Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Do not test my power and do not tempt my fury.


Nostradamus always said that you would be the cause of my son's death. I never imagined you'd kill him by breaking his heart.