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It is coronation time on Reign Season 2 Episode 3 and with the people of France starving and fighting amongst themselves for food to survive, it seems terribly wasteful to both Francis and Mary, but Catherine is right about one thing -- to show the world they are wounded could possibly ruin their reign before it even begins. The couple works together and fights together to get things right for their people and for each other. It's not always a pleasant conversation, but they remarkably have each others backs, even if it means looking less than united to the public. Catherine makes a new friend of her own, one who uncovers her bleeding heart. What has Catherine been doing in her spare time with her extra money? It will be an utter surprise, to be certain. Has Francis been hearing his father? And if he has, what does it mean? Mary has not fallen pregnant and it is not for lack of trying. Expect an incredibly hot and sexy love scene between the new King and Queen of France. But what does Catherine know about their love live and failure to conceive? Find out all about it when you watch Reign online!

Episode Details

On Reign, France is in a state of famine and political and religious unrest. Mary takes a risk hoping to feed her people, inciting the wrath of Lord Narcisse.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mary: Are all powerful men so insecure?
Francis: A few. Many. Most.

Mary: What good does it do to pretend to be strong it it bankrupts us?
Catherine: Truly, Francis, I don't know why she's even in this conversation. Didn't you promise the
nobles you'd muzzle her?