When you watch Reign Season 2 Episode 4 online, you will see both joy and grief for the young King and Queen. Find out all about it when you watch Reign online.

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When you watch Reign Season 3 Episode 4 online, you will learn that Mary is pregnant with their first child. The timing coincides with the cristening of Francis' first child so he finds himself so happy he could explode. Even Catherine cannot help but become enthusiastic as she feeds Mary and lavishes her with gifts and sage to ward off evil spirits. Evil spirits abound after the plague. There is a shepherd who believes he has been stalked by people who want his soul. They are marking the people around the villages and stealing their souls. Are they undead or just fearmongers trying to get people to change their faith? After a long wait, Mary and Lola finally argue over the baby and why Lola slept with the man that Mary loved knowing fully well she loves him still. Narcisse shows up at the castle with Estelle, newly married. Estelle has stories about Narcisse and his viciousness toward women and she is frightened to death. Meddling is not a good thing, however, and it does come back to bite people in the ass. Greer goes to Castleroy, determined to win his heart by discovering passion. Find out more when you watch Reign online.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Francis: You aren't.
Mary: I am! It's been some weeks now but I wanted to be sure and I am sure. I am with child, our child, at last!

The choice of a god parent for a royal offspring, even an illegitimate one, is more than an honor. We are speaking about who would raise my grandson in the event that neither Francis nor Lola could. I've offered. And been denied.