You can watch Reign Season 2 Episode 11 online via TV Fanatic to find out what happens when Conde escapes the tail of the vatican because of the mark.

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On Reign Season 2 Episode 11 Mary still wants to lead separate lives from Francis. She is not ready to let go of what happened to her and the only person she has to believe it may get better is the word of Catherine. She begins to think her live may always be as if she is sleepwalking and cannot wake. The Vatican is after Conde and Bash and Francis want the bloodshed and attack on the Protestants to stop. The two factions will go head to head but will it all work out in the end? The only way to find out is to watch Reign online!

Episode Details

Mary takes action to save Condé when she learns the Vatican is hunting him for bearing the branded mark of the Dark Riders. Francis devises a plan to put an end to the Dark Riders legend, which puts Bash at risk.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (20 Votes)
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Reign Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

When Mary returns I don't want her to see me cowed and powerless, pretending I am blind to injustice. I want her to see the man and the king she thought she married.


Henry: Ahh Kenna. With death comes wisdom. What did I ever see in her?
Catherine: Well it was her ass. You mentioned it many times.
Kenna: Are you talking to me?
Catherine: Why would I talk to you?
Kenna: You just said something about my ass.
Catherine: Not everything is about your ass KENNA. Move it out of the way.