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True to his word, Francis had all of the men hanged in the courtyard. Women carrying laundry had to do so through the rotting corpses hanging there.

Bash and Kenna! Even better, they are making love. However, Kenna is worried about Claude. She's jealous of her. Bash points out Claude is only his half sister; just being accurate, he says. As they're having sex, someone knocks. He's taken out to the courtyard. All of those who were hanged had the mark of the Dark Riders.

A Cardinal is there, and he decides the mark must be some ruse the Protestants made up amongst themselves so they could cover their tracks should anyone discover their common brand. Silly, really. Bash tells him not to interfere, as any investigation is of the King and as King's Deputy, he shall see to it.

Francis arrives at Mary's door with wood for her hearth. It has gone cold, just as he suspected. Mary is displeased. She wants to lead completely separate lives and that means if her hearth is cold, he isn't the one who should attend to it. She wants to visit their chateau in Chamord. He offers to go with her. She thinks that will give him hope. He assures her he has none. He will send extra guards to keep her safe instead.

Bash goes to visit an eminence of some sort to discuss the brand. He thinks someone branded the men after their death to fan the flames of hatred. A woman comes in, but can only speak in confession as she's a whore.

The baby is sick and Lola doesn't feel comfortable leaving him with the nannies since the attack on the castle.

The whore named Conde. Bash thinks it's rather convenient. Frances struggles to think Conde would do anything wrong. Mary hears and goes to Conde. He did, indeed, sleep with Josephine. That's the whore's name. They intend to get him to Antoine. 

Catherine is mixing something with arsenic as Henry snuggles up to her. Something tells me Henry killed the twins. They talk about whether Claude will go to heaven. Catherine says since she was only five when she murdered them, certainly God will take that info consideration. Henry is trying to get Catherine to kill Claude to spare her the wrath of the twins. What does Catherine have buried in her head that she's trying to prevent from emerging?

While talking with Henry in the hall, she talks about Kenna's ass, and Kenna overhears. It's hilarious.

Kenna tells Bash she thinks Catherine is killing Claude. He finds it hard to believe, but suggests she find evidence.

Conde and Mary arrive at Antoine's place. He tries to be a charmer, but he's kind of gross. When Antoine begin to complain, Conde shows him the mark. Back at the castle, Bash and Francis talk about Mary and Conde. Francis says she has the heart of a warrior. He wants to fight with her. 

Bash wonders how the Cardinal would explain the brand if a loyal Catholic was sporting it.

Conde doesn't know Mary received his letter. It makes their conversations... interesting.

Antoine plays a swingers game, like a game of keys, sending couples of his choosing to a bed and then people swing sheets in front of it. What in the hell?

Antoine loves the idea of Conde getting close to Mary. He wants his brother to seduce Mary so the rest will follow. He pulls the "I'm not interested in her" card but Antoine will likely see through it.

Kenna decides to take Claude some real food.

The Cardinal is in bed with some dude.They're talking about Conde. They should be taking each other to the Pope.

It's the Cardinal's lover who gets the mark, courtesy of Bash. Unfortunately, Bash also gets a nice slice across his arm, marking him as the perpetrator.

Antoine pairs Conde with some woman.

Mary and Greer are in their rooms. Mary is sad. She can't stand any many trying to touch her, even a courteous touch of the hand. She only has the word of Catherine to take as reference. She wonders if this is what her life will be like from now on. 

Conde doesn't want do have sex with the woman, but she blindfolds him so he just pretends she's Mary.

Claude get angry at Kenna for coming to her "aid." When Kenna suggests she's being poisoned, Claude is angry. So angry, she tosses out the "Bash and I were lovers" card.

Bash is worried the Cardinal may not truly care for Randall the cleric after all. If that's the case, then they may be forced to execute an innocent man.

When Conde comes to say goodbye to Mary, she tells him she'll be returning to French court and finally stands up for Francis, assuring him Conde has no idea how much her husband suffers. She admits she read the letter and know he wanted to get it back.

Kenna confronts Bash about Claude and then wonders about the blade cut. He finally tells her the truth, and it's ugly. Expedience is now more important than lives and truth.

The Cardinal discovers Bash's wound when he comes to speak on behalf of Randall.

As Mary readies to leave Antoine's representatives from the Vatican arrive. Mary decides to remove the brand. Mary was able to touch Conde when they removed the brand because he needed the help. She was able to connect. In that moment, she was reawakened and remembered she's not the only one who's hurting, Francis is in pain, too. She doesn't know they can get back what they had, so natural. Are you ready to try, Greer asks?

Francis tells the Cardinal the Vatican's terror must stop. Spilling blood must stop. Francis wonders if the Cardinal is willing to sacrifice Randall. Francis was thorough in his research. He knows he cares more about Randall's suffering than he does himself and that's love. The Cardinal congratulates Francis on using the noblest emotion to manipulate and destroy someone.

When Mary arrives at the castle, Bash tells her she will be proud of Francis when she learns what he has done.

Leith tells Greet to stop being jealous. It only gives him hope.

Catherine walks in on Claude searching for the poison she's been using on her. Catherine tells her. You murdered your sisters. Claude suggests, hey, isn't it possible that I cried when learning of my sisters deaths because I was sad they died?

Claude almost drinks the entire glass of poison, but Catherine knocks it out of her hand. Henry whispers in her ear not to betray her other children. He walks away with the twins.

Mary goes to find Francis and discovers him asleep on the bed with his son and Lola.


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Reign Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

When Mary returns I don't want her to see me cowed and powerless, pretending I am blind to injustice. I want her to see the man and the king she thought she married.


Henry: Ahh Kenna. With death comes wisdom. What did I ever see in her?
Catherine: Well it was her ass. You mentioned it many times.
Kenna: Are you talking to me?
Catherine: Why would I talk to you?
Kenna: You just said something about my ass.
Catherine: Not everything is about your ass KENNA. Move it out of the way.