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On this week's episode of Rescue Me...

The TV Special on Jimmy Keefe and the 9/11 firefighters airs, but so does Tommy's flipping out on camera. This causes animosity among the crew, most notably, Franco.

Franco goes to Chief Feinberg about taking the Lieutenant's test.

Sean goes on a date with Emily, who worked at the dress store. Unfortunately, she farts after sex.

Black Shawn and Mike think they have found a church for the wedding, but after it is learned that Colleen is Irish, they are kicked out. There was a problem with the last irish couple that tried to get married there.

Kelly reveals that she no longer has cancer. After a momentary freak out, she says that she doesn't want to be like Tommy. She tells him to go home to his wife, much like Lou stated earlier in the episode.

During a fire rescue, Franco becomes in need himself. Tommy saves him. Despite thanking Tommy, Franco refuses to forget their beef over putting negative spotlight on the the firehouse.

Rescue Me
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Rescue Me Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Why don't you get that Tom? I've got a funny feeling it's probably for you.


Everybody dies. Some die quick and easy. Some die quick and hard.