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In order to find Caleb, Sheriff Fred and Bellamy must work together. 

Someone pulls a prank at the house and startles Jacob. During a checkup afterward, Lucille confides in Maggie that he's different.

Tom talks to his wife about the woman who came back. Rachel killed herself 12 years ago. His wife Janine doesn't seem to understand what "came back" means.

Caleb is gone with the gun.

Lucille asks Henry how long he has been accusing her.

Fred discovers information about the bank robbery that they think Caleb was a part of. As they're talking about it, someone's robbing Elaine's bank again.

Caleb calls Elaine to tell her he's going away for a while.

Lucille worries that Jacob really isn't her boy. Maggie agrees to try to find out what's going on with him.

Tom remembers Rachel and the day he proposed to her.

Maggie and Jacob are diving and he knows somehow that Caleb is in the old factory. He can feel him.

Rachel tells Tom that she doesn't want to die any more and is sad that he found someone else. She didn't feel worthy of his love and fell short time and again. She did it in the spur of the moment, wondering what if? And she just ended it. She wants to rekindle their relationship.

Bellamy and the Sheriff go to get Caleb. 



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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Look, ever since he's been back, he's eating nonstop. He hasn't been sleeping. Last night I don't think he slept a wink. He's different than before.


From the start, you accepted that child as our Jacob. But what if he's not the same?