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Margaret has a dream involving Rachel which shows some factory workers trapped inside as a fire rages through.

Rachel's health deteriorates and Tom tries to get her to take the medication Bellamy got from the government. She refuses and Maggie refuses to give it without her permission, much to Tom's dissatisfaction. 

Rachel miraculously recovers without the help of medication.

Tom and Janine argue over what will happen to her.

Ray clues Carl up on the anti-returned group. Carl happily joins. Ray takes unwell and appears to have the same virus as the returned, prompting Bellamy to contact the government who warn against giving Ray any of the treatment because the returned have different immune systems.

Bellamy finally comes clean to Maggie that he is one of the returned. Maggie is a bit annoyed with him because she feels he has lied to her the whole time he has known her.

Margaret goes on a date with the new investor in the factory. She is shocked to find out he is related to the man from her dream who she let die in the fire at the factory. 

The ant-returned begin a mission to create a divide between returned and non returned people.

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Can I give a shot to Ray? Is it save for a non-returned?


I just had the most vivid dream. Do you know someone named Rachel?