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Margaret decides to have a dinner for the Langstons. She invites Maggie, and forces Fred to appear. Jacob makes sure that Barbara is present. Margaret lets her evil side out and starts putting thoughts into Lucille's head which leads to her confronting Barbara about how she stole a part of Jacob's life from her. Barbara is upset and leaves. She begins to bond again with Fred.

Rachael bumps into Janine at the store. Janine helps her choose the best vitamins for the baby. Rachael collapses.

Maggie informs Rachael that the baby is growing at an alarming rate. Rachael and Janine have a heart to heart.

A man is seen running through the woods away from a group of people. He is caught and strung up and killed. There is a little girl in the group. It is revealed to be Margaret. It appears they were killing one of the returned. Barbara vaguely tells Jacob a lot of this information. He doesn't appear to take much of it in.

When a car crashes, it is revealed to be Carl's brother as the driver. Fred takes him to Maggie, there is already a number of the returned at the doctors, after they all take ill.

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

All of our trouble started with that girl in there.


Galling, isn't it? He had no business inviting that woman here.