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Henry and Fred have a talk about Henry's argument with Lucille. Fred urges him to go and make it up with Lucille. Henry agrees and makes arrangements to meet her. When he doesn't appear she is concerned. Henry visits Bellamy, but when Fred comes in the office and he disappears, they know something isn't right. Fred runs outside and finds Henry dead in his car. He died of a heart attack. 

Preacher James says he can bring Henry back, but there's a price. He needs Bellamy to go see him. Fred and Bellamy go see him and James says they must kill him before he can bring Henry back. Bellamy hesitates, but Fred pulls the trigger. They wait three hours and leave when James doesn't return to the land of the living. When they get back to Arcadia, James appears it the door with...Henry!

Rachel returned to Arcadia and went to see Maggie who warned that her baby is due any day now and she needs a stable home. She is taken in by Elaine who is thankful that she played a part in saving her brother. Rachel doesn't want charity, so Elaine offers her a job waiting tables.

James informs Bellamy that people on the other side aren't happy with people returning. 

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