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-Emily deduces that Amanda didn't steal the box from her home, Tyler did and he's holding Amanda hostage.

-Jack decides to head to Haiti to help build a school.

-Grandpa's more worried about the Grayson name than Charlotte's well being. He even uses Declan's future at school to get her not to go to a therapist. Charlotte steals Jack's oxycodone.

-Tyler shows Amanda the box and tells her that Emily's been using her. When Tyler gets a $5 million ransom from Emily, Amanda leaves with him.

-Tyler tells Amanda he's going to kill Daniel and frame Emily for it. Amanda hits Tyler and runs to Jack. Jack tells her that Emily has been the one person in her corner. Amanda then runs to try and stop Tyler. Jack follows.

-Tyler confronts Daniel on the beach and tells him that Emily has been lying to him and keeping secret documents under the floorboards in her living room.

-Jack finds Amanda standing over a body on the beach. He tells her to run. She ends up getting a ride with Mr. Takeda. 

-Declan and Charlotte spy Jack moving the body but don't recognize him. When the party guests run to the scene, they find that the dead body is Tyler, not Daniel. Daniel shows up with blood on his tuxedo and no memory of what happened.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

We're fiddling while Rome burns, are we?


The best way to fight chaos is with chaos.