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-Everyone is questioned by the police about Tyler's death. Daniel is the prime suspect but he says he doesn't remember anything.

-Later, Daniel looks for the box under Emily's floorboards. Emily walks in. He says Tyler told him she was hiding something but he only finds a box with useless junk. Emily tells him the previous owners probably left it and that Tyler was crazy. He seems to buy the explanation.

-When Daniel is arrested, Victoria and Conrad work together and hire Daniel the best defense attorney money can buy but his bail is still denied and he's sent to Riker's Island prison. 

-Nolan and Emily fear the Graysons will look for a fall guy and if they can't find Amanda, they may pin it on Jack.

-Emily realizes that Takeda had Nolan tamper with the security video at the party. 

-Charlotte continues to take oxy. Declan realizes the man they saw on the beach was Jack. Jack finds Amanda's receipt for the $5 million bank transfer and shows it to Nolan. Nolan encourages him to head to Haiti but he refuses.

-Nolan realizes that Ashley released the photos of Daniel covered in Tyler's blood to the media. 

-In flashbacks, Emily ran home after the shooting to find Takeda. He came upon Daniel and Tyler just as Daniel got the gun away and shot Tyler. He hit Daniel on the back of the head and killed Tyler because Tyler was giving Daniel evidence of Emily's true identity.

-Takeda tells Emily that he took care of Amanda. He also says she can't save both Daniel and Jack.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Life as we know it, Victoria, is over.


Tragedy and scandal it seems have a unique way of clarifying people's priorities.