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Mara turns a black doorknob in the Reverie anteroom and ends up in a warehouse. She follows a cry for help and finds a teen boy, Ehmet, cuffed to a chair inside a locked room. He doesn't know he's in Reverie. A man claiming to be a U.S. soldier locked him in, interrogating him about a terrorist attack. Neither he nor Mara can exit the program. A fluctuation throws Mara back to the anteroom and then she leaves. Alexis said Mara might have been involved with an "East Berlin," a crossed Reverie. The Reverie containing Ehmet is registered to the government. Monica admits there's a pilot program using Reverie for interrogation. She says there's nothing Onira-Tech can do because it has a contract with the Defense Department. Alexis hacks into the military program. Mara can't get into the program because the interrogator is in there with Ehmet. Mara meets with Ehmet's brother Kareem. Mara gets an opening to go inside the military Reverie. She frees Ehmet, but he doesn't believe she's there to help him and runs off. The interrogator, Drew Sullivan, comes to Onira-Tech with Monica, but they stonewall him. Mara convinces Ehmet to trust her. But the mandala they need to escape through is guarded by two avatars. Charlie has Alexis and Paul go through photos to prove Ehmet and Kareem were at a refugee camp at the time of the attack. Mara takes out one guard, but the other shoots her. Dylan helps a British filmmaker search her footage from the camp. Ehmet has to carry Mara across a board over a pit the program has created. The video proof and the fact Ehmet is underage gets the interrogation program suspended. Charlie figures out that Monica arranged for Mara to discover the interrogation program, so Onira-Tech could shut it down. 

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Reverie Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Paul: Where were you?
Mara: I don't know.

Paul: Everything we know, or think we know, tells us that [flying] is impossible. But in {Reverie], everything is possible. All you have to do is believe, and practice.
Mara: Ok, but leaning ain't flying.
Paul: Quite right. Thank you for pointing that out, Mara.