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-Catherine drugs Bridget and writes a fake suicide note. She tries to leave the scene but realizes that the hit man's cell phone is missing from her purse. Bridget found it when she was drugged and dropped it under the furniture.

-Andrew finds Bridget drugged and drowning in the tub and saves her. Catherine pulls a gun on the two of them. Then Juliet comes home and further complicates matters.

-Catherine calls her lover for help.  It's Olivia who yells at her for making such a mess.

-Juliet gets a hold of the cell phone and Bridget uses it to call Agent Machado who hears what's going on. He gets Olivia to lure Catherine away.

-When Catherine arrives with Bridget as a hostage she is captured by Machado.

-Siobhan tries to blackmail the maid who is testifying against Henry when she finds out she's also a high end call girl. Unfortunately the woman dies of a drug overdose.

-Siobhan goes into labor and has the babies. Henry runs to her side but later asks the doctor for a paternity test on the twin girls.


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Ringer Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

It was too late the minute you took queen bitch here out of the tub.


We both know you're never more than one disgusting sex act away from shacking up with a new sugar daddy.