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Lou asks to take on the theater group, and the principal agrees. 

However, Tracey is mad because she was not told, but they all manage to work together. 

Lou struggles to get people to sign up, so he asks if Robbie could audition because his bad grades were becoming a cause for concern. 

Despite some pushback, the kid auditions and is offered a role, but some of the parents lash out the sexualized plot of Lou's first play. 

Lou is told to do another show or he would be fired from the school, but the kids stand with him and burn all the other probs. 

Lous's wife, Gail, is worried about what his new role could mean for them given that Gordy is acting out and they are expecting him to break down again. 

Lou takes a kid home from school when he learns he has been living in the theater hall. 

Lilette is shocked to learn her mother has been having an affair with Gwen's father, while Simon's parents want him out of the show because they don't want him having sexual relations with a boy.  

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Rise Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

When you sang at the pep rally, I saw you. I saw you come alive.


What we've got here is a big ugly turd.