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-Denise Ryan is stabbed to death with a pair of scissors at a dance competition.  During the autopsy, Maura uncovers that she's had intensive plastic surgery.

-Turns out Denise was in Witness Protection after testifying against her husband, Robert Gusano a dangerous drug lord. 

-Gusano hunted down Denise and killed her, then tried to take their daughter, Dakota and shot her step father.  Jane and the team shoot and kill Gusano.  Dakota's step father survives.

-Korsak's former stepson, Josh is accused of shooting a police officer.  Josh is angry with Korsak and refuses to speak to him.  His mother never let Korsak contact him after they divorced.

-After Josh's friend Gavin puts the blame on Josh for the shooting, he finally opens up to Korsak.  Josh and Gavin were breaking in when the officer came up and Gavin shot him.  Josh tried to save him by performing CPR.

-Maura helps prove Josh's story with the rib fractures caused by the CPR and the blood patterns on Josh's clothes. The officer survives his injuries.

Rizzoli & Isles
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