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-Jane's boyfriend, Casey can't make it home for their high school reunion due to a military mission, so Maura goes with her.

-At the reunion, fellow student Steve is shot on the football field by someone using a homemade silencer.

-Soon after Debbie Tibbet, a journalist and fellow student he had contacted is also murdered but made to look like suicide.

-When a third student dies, Maura determines that the woman had a defective heart valve replacement. The valve was made at Steve's company which was owned by fellow student Rory Graham.

-Graham continuously insults Jane as she and her team execute a search warrant. They catch Graham's wife trying to hide evidence of the defected valves. She killed Steve and Debbie before they could blow the whistle on the company. She is arrested for murder while Rory is arrested for knowingly manufacturing the defective valves which have caused several deaths.

-Korsak's ex-wife, Melody returns. She left five years ago taking her son with whom Korsak was close. Now Melody wants Korsak to invest in her new yoga business.

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

One date to see Dumb and Dumber doesn't constitute a boyfriend.


If I wanted support like that I would have called my mother.