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-Evan Dunbar is killed during a mugging and his adult son Chris is injured. 

-The gun used to kill Dunbar is found on a dead junkie but Jane realizes it was planted.

-Chris checks himself out of the hospital early and the police follow. He pulls a shipping container from his father's business. The detectives search the container but don't find any drugs.

-Maura necropsies the dead rats from the container and finds they ate liquid heroin. The shipping blankets were soaked in it.

-When detectives arrest Chris, he has his uncle drop off money to the dealers holding his family for the heroin and his uncle is shot. 

-Maura finds poultry lice on a suspect that Jane killed in the shootout. They find an empty poultry slaughterhouse nearby being used to process the heroin. Detective's find Chris' family locked in the freezer.

-Maura's ex Ian stops in for a visit and she keeps it from Jane. Angela snoops and finds that Ian has 3 different passports under different names. When Jane checks on it, she finds that he is wanted for questioning by Interpol.

-Ian leaves and Maura tells Jane that he's a doctor and is wanted for smuggling medical supplies into African countries that desperately need them. She's never told Jane about him because he is the love of her life but she can never be with him.

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jane: Are you OK?
Maura: Yeah. Why?
Jane: Cause you're wearing two different shoes.

Korsak: You can't do this without your bff?
Jane: Not when she's the chief medical examiner, no.