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-Helen Dowdy is burned at the stake. She believed she was the descendant of witches and was part of a coven.

-Grayson, one of Helen's coven members is forcibly drowned in a bathtub. Sabrina, another member says someone tried to push a bookcase onto her. She heard voices but didn't see who it was.

-Maura realizes that Sabrina is schizophrenic and has had a psychotic break brought on by the stress of being torn between her coven and her strict religious upbringing. She is killing members of her coven.

-The team finds Sabrina as she is about to burn coven member Sage at the stake. They manage to stop her and and get her the psychiatric help she needs.

-Frankie's old flame, Theresa shows up claiming her seven year old daughter, Lily is Frankie's child.

-Jane doesn't trust Theresa. She's taken advantage of Frankie before. Jane tries to do a secret DNA test. Angela does the same.

-Frankie catches them and tells them he's doing his own test. Turns out Lily isn't his after all and he's disappointed.

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Maura: Pine scent. It's right where her jacket pocket would be.
Jane: You think she was wearing air freshener?

I'd love bunny pancakes.