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A sniper in a tree in the park kills Ned Drake on the street. Then a second shooting occurs at another park but the bullet hit Jeremy Fritz in the shoulder and he’s still alive. A third sniper’s next is found. 

Korsak figures out that that Jeremy Fritz, the second victim was the real target and the other shooting was simply a decoy. 

The only witness is a homeless man in the park that the detectives call McGruff but he is mentally ill and may believe he is a werewolf. Maura attempts to draw information out of him without causing his delusions to take over. Turns out that McGruff tried to stop the sniper and bit him, that’s why his shot didn’t kill Jeremy Fritz. 

Maura realizes that McGruff may have a tumor and he’s taken to the hospital for a CAT scan. The sniper tracks him there, believing he’s the only witness against him. When the sniper gets scared off, Maura grabs a scalpel and chases him. He grabs Maura but she stabs him in the leg with the scalpel and Jane is able to apprehend him. 

The sniper’s name is Wesley Piedmont Jr. Jeremy Fritz fired him and he decided to get even. He was an expert marksman at his prep school.

Maura is the President Elect of the New England Medical Officers, it’s an ethics committee. Her friends celebrate with her. 

Jack’s ex-wife has been offered her dream job with NASA but it requires moving to New Mexico with their daughter. He thinks he may have a solution where he would work in both Boston and New Mexico and could spend time with both Maura and his daughter. 

Maura tells Jack that he needs to be with his daughter and although broken hearted she lets him go. 

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

People will do anything for a good parking spot.


Maura: I didn't notice but then I was distracted.
Jane: By your reflection in the shiny, shiny plaque.