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A husband and wife, Ron and Linda are at a hotel and while Linda is blindfolded and cuffed to the bed as they play superhero games,  Ron is murdered. Linda says Ron received a mysterious note a month earlier while at home and some hang up phone calls.  They begin to think that he’s a gambler but there’s nothing with any of the local casinos. 

Turns out Ron Wallace, also known as Alan Wallace had a second wife, Cynthia in another state. When Maura believes that someone hit Ron in the head with a swing powerful enough to kill him, the team believes Cynthia did it because of her softball experience. But when they find a burner phone linking to Ron’s mysterious phone calls in her car, Jane becomes suspicious.

Turns out Linda and Cynthia worked together to kill Ron but Linda planted the phone in order to pin in on Cynthia. Jane convinces Cynthia to turn on her partner. 

Tasha is applying to colleges but doesn’t want Maura’s help to get into BCU. Tasha gets in on her own but doesn’t get enough financial aid. Maura comes up with an idea. With Korsak’s help they come up with the Barry Frost Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

When Jane thinks she’s seen Frost, Judith who cleans the office tells Jane that she moved Frost’s robot when she was cleaning his desk. She also tells Jane that she feels as though she should tell her that everything is going to be okay.  

Rizzoli & Isles
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