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Peter Baldwin is found dead in his doomsday shelter. He was killed with halon gas.  The team figures out that someone stole the gold in his fallout shelter. 

When Jane and Korsak go back to the shelter to investigates, it explodes. The man who built it is found dead but he had a partner.  Peter's neighbor makes a run for it but they find him at his own fallout shelter and smoke him out.

Angela worries about Jane working in the field while pregnant and that Frankie is keeping secrets. Frankie tells Jane that he's taking computer engineering classes at night to further his career.

Jane sees retirement papers on Korsak's desk and assumes the worst. He eventually tells her that he's just examining all of his options. He also put in to take the Lieutenant's exam. 

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Jane: Shaggy and Scooby would be so proud.
Korsak: After you, Velma.
Jane: She's Velma. I'm Daphne, obviously. Maura back me up on this.

ane: French women don't obsess over the occasional glass of wine while they're pregnant.
Maura: French women don't shave their underarms.