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In a small town somewhere a woman gets out a a gas station/convenience store. A state trooper comes along and blocks the woman's car, then checks out her very dusty license plate. As the trooper knocks on the car window, it rolls down and someone shoots him, then drives away. The woman runs away too when she finds his body.

An outdoor coffee shop scene between Maura and Jane. Jane can't sleep because of the hacking situation.

Jane doesn't know why Alice is after her. She only spoke to her once at the police academy. And that makes her really mad. Anyway, she's gonna go find her now.

Drug unit guy Paul McConnell is going to talk to Jane. A car from 1975 has been identified. Vince wants to put protection on Jane but she says no. She doesn't want to miss Vince's wedding.

McConnell says Alice was caught during a routine traffic stop and had a lot of coke on her. She told the cops nothing about her operation. Jane is convinced there's something but McConnell has to go.

Alice's dad is a super cop. Guy won't talk to Frankie so Vince will do it. Frankie tells Jane Alice never had a visitor in four years of jail. Car was the same one used in the murder in the opening scene. Alice was involved in the murder.

Frankie and Jane go to Maine because jurisdiction issues don't exist on TV. Local cops have no interest in getting info from Jane, of course, and want to use their own ME. Jane gets a little nuts but Maura gets through to the cop by talking about her abduction.

Search begins, a dog barks and there is a shot. (Looks like the same woods where the landmines were last week). Someone shot a police dog. 

Meanwhile, Vince visits Alice's father and makes it look like a social call but the guy catches on quick. He is upset about how Alice turned out. She was perfect, great grades, etc but suddenly she resigned from the Academy. He didn't care what she was doing til her arrest. Never visited her in prison, never talked to her again after her arrest. 

Angela's boyfriend is nervous about Vince's wedding and she jokes about proposing to him which doesn't help. Kiki doesn't like the veil someone is trying to force on her. She calls Vince just as he walks through the door. Jane is going to be late. Judge Carter is in a hurry to get this done. Jane doesn't answer her phone because she is busy chasing a criminal with gun drawn.  and no backup in sight. Of course Alice's accomplice comes along just then.

Alice orders Jane to drop the gun. Jane starts talking about Alice will leave Wendy. Wendy keeps telling her to shut up. Jane says Wendy will get shot.  When Jane gets free she calls Vince to apologize. He doesn't care about having to wait.

Maura is looking at soil samples, and Kent is reading Alice's Archie comics instead of paying attention. They do their usual awkwardness over space concerns thing, and the mud on the car turns out not to be from Maine.

Wendy still isn't talking and Jane is still trying to convince her Alice doesn't love her. Wendy manages to reveal that Alice had a son.

Vince had to cancel the wedding because Jane couldn't make it. Rescheduled for tomorrow. Kiki looks upset but is still here. The next day, Jane is ready to catch Alice. Alice disguised herself as Wendy and went to Canada. Vince says the Mounties will get her.

Jane saves Maura from a stupid conversation with Kent about Archie comics. Maura has a psych profile of Alice. Alice assumed she would excel at the Police Academy, but apparently Jane was better and that freaked Alice out. So she blamed Jane for her own failures and after prison decided to go after Jane forever.

Wedding postponed because Alice's son has turned up. His name is Eric Stone and he goes to BCU. The kid is stupid enough to try to run from Vince and Jane and gets caught by Frankie about two seconds later.

Eric seems to be following in mom's footsteps, doing well in school but listing Alice as his mother even though she never legally adopted him. He insists Alice loves him and his mom died when he was five. He was on the streets by 14 and was adopted by Alice. He thinks the cops framed Alice. Alice told him she was in jail because of cops.

Frankie interrupts. Alice has been found in Canada and is expected to be caught soon.

Kiki wants to talk to Vince. Meanwhile, Maura and Jane argue because Jane thinks Maura told her to draw a sociopath towards her. She asks Angela to describe her. Angela is not fooled. Jane doesn't mean to be intimidating. Vince interrupts. They are getting married in 20 minutes (oh and Kiki's sister is drunk)

Jane won't leave Frankie alone about whether Alice has been caught yet. Nina has found a lot of businesses buried under shell corporations. Frankie gets a text about the wedding. Nina has a wedding hat. Frankie invites Nicole to the wedding -- so that hasn't been dropped after all!

Vince and Kiki are married (where did Jane get that hideous dress?) and dance in front of the gang. Frankie dances with Nicole. Jane and Maura sit on the sidelines and Kent comes running in in a kilt. Jane refuses to dance with him.

A guy in a truck comes into the US from Canada -- smuggling Alice?

Vince plays You Are My Sunshine for Kiki.

Alice breaks out of a box in the truck.

Maura wants Jane to dance with her.but Jane still won't dance with Kent. Maura also has plans for Jane's dress for her wedding. Alice has a machine gun while the gang goes outside to continue the celebration...Jane realizes there's a gun just as it goes off...




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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Good luck finding a drug ring that the drug unit couldn't.


Maura: You're drinking four shots of espresso?
Jane: Only because this cup doesn't hold five.