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Replay of the shooting. Jane goes after the shooter.

Nina has been shot and there is a ton of blood. Jane ducks bullets to run across the street towards the shooter. (Nice touch removing her shoes so she can run/won't be heard)

Maura has been shot but insists it's superficial and tries to help Kent with Nina while Jane and Frankie search for the shooter. Frankie won't let Jane run up a ladder to a fire escape or something where she'd be a sitting duck.

Nina will need surgery. Jane doesn't hear what happened to Maura because the ambulance doors closed.

Angela is okay and tells Jane to check Maura. Maura has a possible concussion. 

Jane is sure it's Alice Sands based on her past crimes. Vince and Jane argue. Maura says she will go to the hospital.

Outside, Jane tells a cop this is a crime scene and don't let anyone touch anything without Maura's permission.

Later, Nina is out of surgery. Frankie thinks Nina is lucky that Sands wasn't aiming at her.

The news is already saying that the BPD failed. Frankie gets a lead -- an idiot truck driver picked up the truck and brought it across the border but didn't think critically about what he was asked to do. Truck driver is ruled out.

Maura has an idea but gets lightheaded and faints in the middle of a sentence.

Jane waits nervously at the hospital. The doctor says it looks like a concussion but she's ordering a CT scan to check why she fainted. Maura is supposed to rest. Jane doesn't like the lack of directness. Predictably, Maura wants to go back to the office instead of home. Jane says she will arrest her if she doesn't take it easy.

Frankie is looking at info that Nina was in the middle of working on when she was attacked. Vince is upset because nobody can find Alice Sands anywhere. He gets a call from Kiki. They meet downstairs. Kiki is glad everyone will be okay. She wanted to see him. They kiss briefly (is Kiki happy with this marriage now?)

Nina wakes up in her hospital room. Frankie is by her bed. Nina doesn't remember getting shot. Frankie says everyone is okay. He's sure his girlfriend wishes he hadn't invited her. Alice is still at large. Nina tries to go over the case with him. He raises his eyebrows but he starts to tell her.

Maura tries to get up and Kent insists on getting her a pen and won't let her out of her chair. He warns her that he will call Jane if she doesn't cooperate. Maura is annoyed. She is printing out evidence inventory. Kent tells her that the alley was not considered part of the crime team. Maura wants them to check it out right away.

Jane looks like she had a headache as she looks at another dead end. Why are there no forensic or paper trails? Vince hopes Alice didn't go too far. He thinks maybe Maura is wrong that Alice won't give up til she gets her way. Jane disagrees. She is sure Alice is figuring out her next move. She goes downstairs and meets a billion press people. She tells the press that Alice Sands is behind the shooting and purposely says Alice is not good enough to be part of BPD to upset Alice. Sure enough Alice is watching.

Vince yells at Jane that she put herself at risk and undermined the chain of command. Jane says she can't let Alice hurt anyone else. Frankie interrupts. Joe Harris worked for Alice. Jane has to go talk to the Chief and can't help with the investigation.

Kiki asks Angela what to do since she can't comfort Vince. Angela says she's learned to keep her mouth shut and listen. Kiki will learn. Angela says her boyfriend was calm til his daughter called and saw this on the news. Angela wonders how far the effects of being related to a cop can trickle down before it's not okay.

Jane is not happy that Maura is working. Jane says that if they get a lead maybe everyone will stop being mad at her. Maura has no evidence to connect Alice Sands to the shooting. But she did send CSRU to the alley, so maybe they will find something. Jane hopes so.

Frankie says Joe Harris was close to bankruptcy before he met Alice. Not sure whether he knew Alice was behind saving him financially. Vince is surprised Jane doesn't remember Alice.

Maura has more bad news. CSRU found nothing. But it proves Alice didn't o up the ladder so their theory of where she went is wrong.

Jane and Frankie are confused. But at the scene Jane wonders if Alice went down into the sewer.

Jane found some footprints in the sewer but the tunnel split in three and she lost the trail. Alice could be anywhere now. And Jane smells from being in the sewer.

Vince says they have a lead, a guy who was arrested for dumping white powder down the tunnels.

Joanne shows up at the Dirty Robbin. Angela asks how she is. She says her daughter was sitting with her when she saw Ron on the TV. Five year old child was making a lego police car to protect Grandpa. Joanne doesn't know what she expects from Angela. She leaves.

Jane interviews Isaac, the suspect. Vince and Isaac says Alice can't help, only they can. Isaac won't cooperate. Jane arrests Isaac. She tells him to strip while she gets a jumpsuit.

In the hospital, Nina doesn't like being wheeled out in a chair. She is embarrassed when Frankie shows up. 

Jane comes to see Maura, who is testing Isaac's clothes. Maura has a bell to call Kent with. Jane can't believe Maura is just sitting. Maura calls Kent and discovers she can't remember the word for the machine they are using..

Jane interviews some street people who think Alice is a good person. They don't want to cooperate. Vince says he's sure they won't want to be bothered all the time. Another girl comes up with a message from Alice. Jane reads it and rips it up, then walks off.

CT scan time for Maura. Maura looks nervous as she slooowly goes into the machine.

Jane comes by looking for Maura. Kent is evasive about where Maura is. Jane is angry that he's not on top of where Maura is.

Angela shows up at the hospital to talk to Ron. He makes a joke that se doesn't smile at. She needs to talk right now.  They go around the corner and Angela says the shooting brought things into perspective. She wants to break up with him so she can focus on her children and so should Ron. She is crying and thinks it's the right thing to do. Ron doesn't agree. He got shot at yesterday and he thinks she should take some time to think things over. He walks off upset. Angela cries.

Jane finds Nina is back. She doesn't agree that Nina is fine. Nina refuses to feel powerless like she did after her fiance was shot. She promises to go home if it gets to be too much.

Maura rings for Kent. He tells her about Jane's concerns. He wants to be more empathetic. She is surprised he thinks she is empathetic. He thinks she would have been a great doctor with live people. Anyway, she wants to give Kent more responsibility in the lab and wants to have lunch Monday to talk about it. (She may not be able to handle her job anymore because of her head injury)

Vince complains to Kiki about Jane. Why is she acting so angry? Why does it bother him? He says he knows he's going to retire and Jane won't yet, what if her new partner doesn't look after her like he does? He has to do his job. He's lucky to have married Kiki.

Jane looks at the map and possible ambush points. Jane thinks Alice is regrouping and hopes to waste their time. Maura shows up with a suggestion for where to look. Nina finds a sealed off pumping station. Jane wants to set a trap. 

Cops search the tunnels for Alice. Jane shoots at someone. Then Alice shows up, surprised Jane would even look, never mind find her. Jane keeps Alice talking as she searches for her. Alice hides behind some street people. Jane points out Alice probably doesn't even remember her. Alice says she sealed all the other entrances. Jane tells her to drop her gun. Alice tells her subordinates to shoot and then runs off. Jane jumps into action. Alice gets away.

Maura says Jane will figure it out tomorrow. She cannot drink. Maura tells Jane she was at the hospital. Jane knows something important is going on. Finally Maura says she had internal bleeding causing cognitive impairment. It may or may not go away later. She's forgetting things like words. She's using memory techniques to help her. She's not going to worry about it. 

Jane walks down the aisle at church praying. She goes to confession and doesn't know what to say. 

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Jane: What are we supposed to do, let her go?
Frankie: No. You're supposed to not get yourself killed while we're chasing her!

Vince: Just stay put, Maura.
Maura: No, it's superficial.
Vince: EMTs are on their way. Let's make sure.