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Two guys are working on a motorcycle, unaware that a killer is sneaking around, until the killer starts shooting. One guy is shot right away. The other tries to run away but is shot anyway.

At Jane's, Maura and Jane are going through pictures. The pictures are all of Maura doing things with other people. Jane was working each time the picture was being taken. Jane is disappointed by this but manages to get a selfie in with Maura before answering the phone.

At the crime scene, Vince thinks the motorcycle guys were executed. Jane knocks on a wall and finds a hidden cache of guns. Meanwhile, Frankie finds out from a witness that someone was running away from the scene that "ran like a girl." Lipstick on one of the victims is analyzed for DNA and it turns out to belong to an ex-con named Kelly Wagoner.

Nina and Frankie go to pick up Kelly. Kelly puts up a fight and Nina puts her hand on the trigger of her gun. After the arrest, Nina feels guilty and yells at Frankie to get away from her when he tries to tell her she did nothing wrong.

Kelly is interrogated but says she has nothing to say. Frankie warns her that if she is a witness she has a target on her back. She is sent to jail because associating with the biker gang is a violation of her parole. Meanwhile, Maura finds a partial print on a gun that leads to an Albanian gang leader, but this goes nowhere useful.

Kelly orders a hit on someone from inside jail. Jane decides to go undercover in the jail to try to find out who Kelly is after so that they can solve the biker murders. Angela walks in on Maura painting a fake tattoo on Jane. When she finds out Jane is going undercover she gets angry and walks out.

The cops brief Jane on the way to prison. She chooses a code word for when she's ready to be removed from the situation. There will be one guard on the inside who knows her identity.

On her first night, Jane lies in her bed, frightened. The next morning, she is befriended by a gentle lady who was arrested for fraud and jewelry theft. Jane has to be rough with her to prove her street creds to the other inmates. She then nearly gets in a fight with two other women who are bothering Kelly.

The two women try to beat Jane up but she knocks them unconscious with one or two punches. Kelly approaches her and asks her to put a hit on someone named Snake, real name Jeff Morgan. Jane gives the guard the code word and is released from jail. While all this is going on, Angela comes to Maura and admits she has always been scared for Jane.

Angela won't return Jane's calls after her release and Maura tells Jane that we always worry about the people we love.

Jane interviews Kelly and Kelly is terrified but eventually admits that she was protecting her half-sister who saw the murder. She can't get in touch with Marlie.

Jane helps resuce Marlie from two biker dudes with the help of someone's dog.

Later, Jane goes to see Angela. Angela is still angry but gives her a beer. Jane and Maura talk and Jane admits she's scared because everything is changing.

Jane calls Agent Davies and accepts a job teaching FBI recruits at Quantico.

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Feels like an execution to me.


Maura! We're supposed to be finding pictures for my new home, pictures that theoretically reflect my life experiences.