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Maura makes a virtual scrap book full of crime scene photos for Jane. She is sad that they are going to be apart. They head out to another case, possibly their last one together.

The victim, Robert Reilly, was found handcuffed to a bed. Though  his head is on, Maura says he has been decapitated internally.

A neighbor says that Robert was married to a woman named Elaine and that there was a black truck hanging around the neighborhood.

Nina says Elaine and Robert have only been married for six months. She doesn't want Frankie flirting with her on the job. Kent is caught filming them.

Angela gives Jane a ridiculous leopard print suitcase to remember her by and gives Maura a tortoiseshell one. Maura ascribes meanings to them.

Kent takes a video of Nina. She hopes they all stay in each other's lives.

Vince is leaving forever. He is taking his sick and vacation days until his date of retirement. Jane is upset.

Nina tells Jane Reilly was a plumber, no money or business problems. Wife is still missing and doesn't appear to exist. Vince goes to take stuff down to his car and Jane goes with him.

Ron comes to see Angela. He wanted to help with the surprise party. He asks how she feels about everyone leaving. Angela tells him a story about how she had to make Jane come every Sunday at first but after a while she and Frankie came. Now everyone comes. Ron secretly records her as she says she isn't sure her Sunday dinners will be the same without Jane and Maura.

Angela appears on Skype with Ron and kind of freaks Jane out. Angela thinks she can use Skype to watch Jane teach. Jane tricks her into turning the camera off.

Elaine Chan apparently has several marriages. Robert gave 5 grand to some sketchy website.


Jane wants Vince to stop packing. She wants him in his chair.

Maura can't find her cotton swabs and sterile water. Kent has put things in different places than her. Maura can't get used to the fact that she's leaving. Kent wants Jane to do a video, which she won't do even when called grumpy.

There was linseed oil and beeswax on the victim's neck and two DNA profiles in the house.

Their only lead is a strip club so Jane and Maura must go undercover as strippers.

Kent films Vince in the park. Vince says he hates endings and beginnings but he's going to try to make the best of his next step. He gets a call and walks off.

Jane and Vince go to the strip club. The proprietor says no lady friends in the club but they ID themselves as cops. Josh claims its a matchmaking business. Jane thinks he is a pimp. Robert is a member of the club. Josh is upset about the murder and denies any involvement. Jane makes him get Elaine's file. Elaine is a possibly undocumented immigrant.

Kent films Frankie and promises he will get rid of the Nina stuff.  Frankie says this isn't goodbye and that he will make Jane proud.

Elaine's aunt says Elaine returned to China. She accidentally killed Robert because he was trying to control her. He locked her in the house and beat her. She went to the hospital twice and lied about why. She gave her the money for an airplane ticket. Jane ells the aunt not to leave the country before the investigation is complete. They see Elaine walk right past Frankie (great detective work there) The cops surround Elaine's car and arrest her.

Maura wants to wait to see the tone of Jane's video before making hers. She doesn't know what to say. Kent thinks she should say what's in her heart. Maura is grateful for the adventure and will never forget these people. Maura cries.

Elaine cries that she's sorry. Jane updates Vince. Maura thinks Vince's desk is tidy. Jane is sick of goodbyes and appears to remember Frost's death.

Robert appears to be decapitated by a car bumper. He possibly was pushed into a car. Elaine is too small to have done it. Vince and Jane give Frankie Vince's desk and put a nameplate on it for him. Jane is near tears. Frankie is now Frank.. He plays on the chair, then gets up and tries to imitate Vince's facial expression.

Ron and Angela apparently accidentally ordered a risque cake. Angela says she will fix it.

A mannequin is brought to Elaine. Kent says the body was moved after his death. Elaine is asked to move the mannequin. She begins to cry. Jane says they both know she can't do that. Jane says that the neighbor's son was one of the nurses who was aware that Elaine was being beaten. She brings the guy in and says the two can talk and it's up to them whether they tell her the truth or get in bigger trouble. They leave.

Frankie wonders if the two will confess. He's impressed that Jane solved a murder on her last day. Jane is not happy about leaving. She gives Frankie the robot in memory of Frost. 

Apparently Steve was chasing Robert and he slipped, fell and died.

Jane would love another call so they don't have to go to the so-called surprise party. Jane knows Angela can't resist this kind of party.. Jane and Maura remember times together in a nice montage of flashbacks.

Jane says no crying. Their locations are changing, not their friendship.

Maura stands at the lab door and cries in a scene reminiscent of the last episode of the Mary Tyler Moore  show.

Jane comes into the room as Vince is packing. He says see her at the party. She says he's not getting off that easily.. She gives him a radio and he radios "Ocean Frank" and someone thanks him for his service. Jane and Vince have a hug and a cry.  Jane takes the leopard suitcase out and runs into Kent who threatens to use a sock puppet to make a video if she won't. 

At the party, Kiki's video is on display, and Frankie and Nina's video shows up saying they are engaged. Jane says WHAT as Frankie puts a ring on Nina's hand. There is a group hug as Jane's video comes on. Jane admits she will miss everyone and cries.

Maura is packing her money in case there is a power outage. She set two alarms. She doesn't want Jane to take her to the airport because it's too emotional. Jane is coming to Paris too. She has all this vacation time she can use. Maura can't believe Jane only packed one bag.


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I'm sorry, Detective. My mom means to be helpful.


How many more of these experiences are we going to have?