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Because she was the best rookie at target practice, Andy had the honor of accompanying Sam on a prisoner transfer mission this week. That didn't help ease tension with Luke, who is basically not talking to Andy after last week.

On the trip, Sam opens up a bit, saying he has a sister and that he's actually a funny guy. He tells a couple jokes. But he and Andy also continually insist they're just friends. Even the prisoner laughs at this concept.

Later, Sam pulls over to pee and Andy falls for the trick that the prison is having an allergic reaction. He escapes, Sam returns, he yells at Andy. But eventually this pair does track down the bad guy in the woods - who Jerry has learned back at the station is actually a murderer (he was assisted by Diaz, who helped him remember his notes; and by Traci, who has a tiff with Jerry over a comment he makes about his ex-wife).

Andy and Sam bring the bad guy into the station and Sam does the heroic thing of telling Luke he's an idiot; nothing happened between him and Andy and she has feelings for Luke. The episode ends with Luke finding Andy and kissing her. She returns the lip lock, but her face seems skeptical afterward.

Elsewhere, we see how affected Peck is by her past and her family when Epstein and her try to remind a man with amnesia about who he really is.

Rookie Blue
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