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On this week's Rookie Blue...

- A traffic accident led to the discovery that a nine-year old girl was missing. All officers got involved in this case, with Dov talking to tone of the victims at the hospital and getting her to make a positive ID on the other driver. He also flirted pretty hard with her. It was nice to see.

- Andy ended up interviewing the mother of the missing girl and getting important information out of her.

- Despite the fact that Peck and Diaz were arguing the whole time, largely because the latter turned in the former's brother's partner, they helped immensely by finding a taxi driver that told them he had seen the girl and gave them her location. She was eventually found.

- Traci and Noelle bonded over the former wanting to get pregnant. She took a pregnancy test to close the episode, but results are unknown to viewers.

- Luke went over to Andy's for dinner, but found Sam's name on a piece of paper in the freezer because she had made the gesture to put him on ice, so to speak. This made Sam curious about what was going on and Andy admitted something happened one night, but it wasn't sex. Luke understandably left to end the episode.

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