Rookie Blue Review: "Girlfriend of the Year"

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A nine-year old girl went missing on this week's episode of Rookie Blue, but "Girlfriend of the Year" still focused on relationships involving the officers we've grown to know.

There was...

... Andy and Luke: Hopefully, the latter's discovery of Sam's name in the freezer (because Andy "put him on ice." Cute attempt.) will lead to the official break-up of this pair and the chance for Andy and Sam to date. The show hasn't offered any compelling reasons why they would not already be together. The feelings are clearly there.

Is it "complicated," as Andy told Traci during their Meredith/Cristina moment, because Swarek is her training officer? How much less complicated is it to date a detective, really?

On a professional front, it seems impossible to believe a rookie officer would be the one to interrogate the mother of a kidnapped girl, no matter what reasons Luke gave for this decision. But if someone out there knows more about police work than I do, I'll be happy to be corrected.

Scene of a Car Accident

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... Peck and Diaz: There were some major logic holes in how these two interacted. Most prominently: If we're to believe they are dating, and that it's been days since Diaz turned in Peck's partner, wouldn't they have interacted before this episode and wouldn't that have been the occasion for Diaz to ask Peck why she was so mad?

The show skipped many steps and didn't inform viewers of how these two got to this point. It just made them mad at each other. Prior to the accident, Peck did appear ready to say something, so perhaps this will get revisited in the future. This week alone, though, it just felt like a contrived way to create tension between characters.

... Traci and Noelle: It was very nice to see these two bond over the latter's attempt to get pregnant. Let's hope Noelle sees a pink line, or a stork, or whatever signifies a positive sign on that test!

... Dov and the hospitalized witness: Maybe my favorite storyline the show has done yet. Epstein typically puts up such a tough guy front in front of his co-workers, and he even tried to during his initial interaction here with Edith... sorry, Edie.

But then he started fumbling over himself as he realized he was talking to one cool gal who seemed to have interest in him. I hope these two go on a date - and we get to see it.

Officer Shaw also had a few nice moments, as he hasn't been a focus of the show at any point yet. But he's always been the strong, confident presence in the background... until the case of the missing girl hit close to home for him and caused us to see a very human side of the man for a change. Nicely done.

What did everyone else think of the episode?

Girlfriend of the Year Review

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