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McNally and Luke started this week's episode on a perfect date, making out and everything. They ended it with her in his arms, as it didn't take long for the show to couple this pair up.

In terms of the week's big case, it centered on the rookies going undercover as prostitutes. For Diaz, this meant pretending to be a gay hooker, which made him feel uncomfortable. But he eventually met a man who needed his help because his son was missing, and was also gay.

Eventually, Diaz learned this boy was dead - and actually the same 17-year old Luke and Nash were focusing on all episode for their murder case - and he had to break the news to the father. It was an emotional moment.

Andy and Epstein, meanwhile, messed up their jobs big time. The former refused to get into cars with clients and ruined the sting, while Epstein hogged the radio while waiting in his back-up car. They wanted to redeem themselves and got information from a prostitute. They used it to end up at a warehouse where guns were supposedly being run. But Andy got in over her head and got apprehended, along with the hooker.

She did eventually fight her way free, and Epstein came in to help them arrest the gun dudes, but she put a civilian's life in danger. Swarek gave her props and a speech for all of these actions.

He also clearly has feelings for her, based on the way he talked to her and reacted to the situation.

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Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Swarek: You always take so long figuring out what to wear?
McNally: You always hang around women locker rooms?

Diaz: He's much more believable as a gay dude.
Epstein: It's true. I shave my chest.