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-Tracy and Gail pick up a drunk who is actually horribly ill. Tracy escorts him to the hospital while the entire Division is put under quarantine.

-Sam and Andy arrest a man with blue dye on his face for robbing a bank and beating the manager. He swallows something before he's arrested and refuses to tell police who is partner is.

-When Chris goes undercover and is put in the same holding cell as the bank robber, he notices the dye left an outline of a wedding ring.

-Andy and Sam realize his wife is his partner in crime. Turns out the bank had foreclosed on their home after they lost their jobs. They were trying to steal money to get their house back.

-Noelle tells Frank she is trying to have a baby. Frank doesn't know how to react.

-Dov dates Sue, from the bomb squad. They end up working leads on a case while the Division is under quarantine and help arrest the bank robber's wife. They end their date having breakfast on a park bench.

-Quarantine is lifted when they confirm what the man had was not contagious.  Everyone is allowed to go home.


Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I really thought drunk guys puking on me would be over after high school.


I'm guessing you got a dye pack in the face. One of the many hazards of robbing a bank.