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Andy continues to be angry at Oliver but Sam eventually convinces her to talk it out with him.

Steve tells Traci that Dex frequents the illegal gambling establishment he's about to raid. Despite the fact that Dex is suing for sole custody of Leo, Traci gives Dex the heads up to steer clear and not get arrested.  Instead he shares the information with everyone and there is no one there to arrest when the police arrive. 

Traci realizes that Steve only knew about Dex's whereabouts because he's been having him tailed. Steve is angry that she told Dex about the bust and put both of their careers in jeopardy.

A home invasion is interrupted when the step-father comes home early. He reluctantly tells the police that his stash of pot was stolen. The mother's secret nanny cam gets a picture of the thief. When 17 year old Seth sees the footage he tries to commit suicide because it's his friend on the footage and it was their plan to rob his house.

Dov and Chris try to save Seth while getting trapped in the house with a gas leak. They manage to all get out alive but Dov realizes that despite going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings, Chris is still using cocaine.

Dov tells Chris he's going to turn him in to Oliver. Chris decides to turn himself in instead.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

McNally you can be late or you can be mouthy. You can choose one.


You said something bad about another person. We finally have something in common, McNally. Oh no. We'll always have Nick.