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Duncan secretly recorded Andy at the Penny admitting that she should have done things differently with him. As she's about to be put under review for fudging her performance evaluations on Duncan, Oliver makes a deal. 

Oliver tells the inspector he will take the Staff Sergeant position permanently and Duncan will get his job back if the Inspector ends the performance inquiry into Andy's conduct. He doesn't tell Andy about the deal.

Oliver's daughter, Izzy is suspended from school for staging a protest over the art department budget cuts. She tells Oliver she went to see him to tell him about the protest but found Celery performing a fertility ritual at his home. 

Dov covers for Chris when he doesn't show up for work. When he goes to move Chris' truck, he finds evidence of drugs and confronts Chris at home. The confrontation has Dov forgetting that it's Chloe's birthday but Wes sends her the perfect gift.

Gail apologizes to Holli and tries to get back together but Holli says she's already seeing someone else. 

During an investigation into a firebombing, Nick and Chloe find a thumb in a mobster, Mario's trash. It ends up it belongs to his son. The bomber, Vince cut off Mario Jr's thumb when he thought the man's girlfriend was going to testify against him. When Mario finds out he makes sure the girlfriend testifies so that Vince is arrested. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

You, take this as a compliment, are the most anal copper that I've got.

Oliver (to Andy)

Why can't Chris do it? He's great with kids, especially when they're not really his.