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When the leader of the Jameson gang is killed, 15 Division worries a gang war will ensue. Andy figures out that a young boy saw the shooter. While Andy is trapped in a house trying to protect the kid, Duncan freezes and fails to come to her rescue. Andy manages to hold off until backup arrives. 

Duncan is placed on suspension and will most likely lose his badge. Sam consoles Andy. 

Gail finds a women shot in the laundry room who later dies. Gail goes back to try and figure out who she was and stumbles upon her young daughter looking for her mother, not knowing she was killed.

Chloe asks Nick to talk to Dov when she worries about why she and Dov haven't had sex since her shooting. Nick gets Dov to admit that he's concerned about her health and gets the two to talk.

Chris sees a dealer on his off hours and buys drugs. 

Rookie Blue
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