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Traci leads her first raid but gets a phone call that Leo is sick and runs to the school to pick him up before the raid begins. When she gets there, the school tells her that Leo is fine. When she heads back to her car she is abducted.

The raid goes off successfully without Traci. It isn’t until afterwards that they realize she may have been taken. At first Sam thinks that the gun runner in custody may have taken Traci to stop the raid but then realizes that if the man knew about the raid, he would have gotten rid of the guns. 

Traci’s car is found in the school parking lot with a bouquet of yellow lilies in the back seat. 

While all of 15 Division searches for Traci, Dov and Gail pick up Leo from school. They do their best to distract him and Gail does an exceptional job of keeping him calm and happy. 

Detective Capello from the Sex Crimes division arrives and they have a suspect. When they find out that Adrian Clark called out sick from work, the officers bring him in. He claims he didn’t take Traci and that the lilies weren’t his idea. The detectives suspect he is involved and is working with an accomplice.

Traci is tied up in a basement apartment. She’s being held by Corey, the guy who works at the coffee shop. He picks the girls and sends the flowers, then Adrian rapes them and films it for him to watch. When Corey realizes that Adrian isn’t coming, he decides to untie Traci and do the job himself. 

Juliet uses her skills on the deep web to track down Adrian’s accomplice. Traci fights off Corey as he plans to rape her. The team from 15 Division bursts in and arrests Corey. They find all of the previous rape videos on his phone.

Traci is shaken and relieved to go home with Steve and Leo. 

Jamie shows up at Chris' place with cocaine for them to share. When Chris offers to call her sponsor, she offers to call her husband, Jarvis, instead. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Sam: It's because we laid all of our clothes out last night. That always ensures a good tomorrow.
Andy: That's officially the lamest thing you've ever said to me. Take your shirt back off to remind me why I'm with you.

It is a beautiful day for a raid.