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On Roseanne Season 10 Episode 3, Roseanne was fed up with the way Darlene is raising Harris. After picking up the messes she makes, and her constant use of the washer/dryer, Roseanne wanted Darlene to talk with her daughter. Unforunately, when Darlene talks with her daughter, Harris gets the upper hand, and Darlene caves. 

Roseanne tries to tell her she needs to parent Harris or else she is going to continue to take advantage of Darlene. Darlene doesn't agree, and tells Roseanne she's going to continue parenting the way she has always parented her. Later on in the evening, Roseanne goes to put on a load of clothing, but finds Harris is again using both the washer and dryer. 

Roseanne tells Harris she needs to take the clothes out of the dryer, but Harris refuses to do so until she is done with her snack. Roseanne puts her foot down, and puts Harris in her place especially after Harris calls Roseanne stupid. Darlene quickly intervenes, and she finally sees she is being too soft on Harris. 

Darlene talks with her daughter about being respectful to everyone, and also tells her they need to be there for the family as they are needing the support. Darlene tells her when she's 18 she'll be able to move out to make her own decisions, but until then she needs to straighten up which she agrees to do. 

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