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Isobel trains Rosa to help her control her powers. 

Liz and Rosa's mom, Helena, comes to town. Liz agrees to go to dinner with her in exchange for signing over the diner.  

Maria has a vision, which makes her believe Kyle has been abducted. 

The sheriff puts Max on desk duty. 

Kyle questions Steph's motives. 

Michael and Maria ask Kyle for help after Maria's hallucination. 

Max has dinner with Liz and her parents. 

Rosa opens up to Isobel about how screwed up she feels. 

Kyle discovers that Maria's mom got sick at the prison that Michael's mother died. 

Liz and Max argue about whether he needs to take things easy. 

Helena gives Liz the shoes she wanted for her quinceanera. Liz realizes that her mom stole her abuela's ring. 

Rosa steals pills from Helena and drenches her car in gasoline. She overhears Liz and Helena arguing, and her powers cause the car to catch on fire. 

Helena signs the papers, and Liz tells her to leave and never come back. 

Max blackmails Helena and gets the Ortecho's ring back. 

After some digging, Michael tells Maria and Kyle that Patricia signed up for an experimental trial that gave humans alien abilities. The experiment was shut down in the '70s.  

Maria's vision comes true, but she had mistaken the bright lights for an alien abduction, rather than headlights. Michael uses his powers to throw Kyle out of the way before he's hit by the car. 

Steph helps Kyle stitch himself up and he kisses her. 

Max tells Liz that Cameron's car has been impounded and he's going to look into it. He apologizes for snapping at her earlier. 

Michael tells Isobel he wants to find a cure for Maria's illness. 

Rosa takes the pills she took from Helena's car. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

It is in my DNA to be screwed up. Literally. My mom's mentally ill. So, so am I. I was broken long before Noah did what he did. That's why he chose me to prey on. That's probably why he chose you, too.


I think Kyle Valenti's been abducted.