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Liz and Isobel help Rosa create a new identity.

Max works at The Pony to earn extra money. 

Rosa makes a friend named Iris. 

Michael discovers that the necklace Maria's mom gave her has a flower in it that hinders her supernatural abilities. 

Max and Liz investigate Jenna's car. Jenna's sister, Charlie, shows up disguised as an FBI agent, who believes Jenna was taken to get to her. 

Alex and Forrest go on a paintball date. 

Max meets Jesse Manes since he was the last person to see Jenna. He learns that she was on her way to investigate a group called Deep Sky. 

Michael goes to Liz for help with Maria. 

Rosa meets Iris at an art show. 

Isobel and Maria team up and Maria has a vision of a woman asking about Michael's mom. 

Max catches Charlie on her way to give herself over to Deep Sky in exchange for Jenna. He shoots Charlie's tire, forcing them to go together. 

Charlie gets shot in the leg by a sniper. Max finds Jenna passed out in a dumpster and they take her to the hospital. 

Jenna shows Max a mark on the back of her neck and tells him she can't remember anything. 

Michael apologizes to Maria for being overprotective. 

Rosa starts to feel unwell while she's with Iris. Liz finds her passed out next to an empty bottle of pills and takes her to the hospital. 

Charlie leaves behind a note for Jenna. 

Maria gives Rosa her necklace to repress her abilities while she goes to rehab. 

Forrest tells Alex that he likes him, but he can't be with him if he's afraid to be seen with him. 

Isobel tells Michael that Maria saw her mom give a little boy a windmill. He realizes that his employer is Walt, the little boy who knew his mother. 

Max goes to see Charlie and his car alarm goes off followed by a blinding light. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Rosa: You're asking me to wear a costume for the rest of my life.
Isobel: Well, don't think of them as clothes. Think of them as possibilities. [picks up a dress] Dress for a life you want. So, this little lady, she is the highest-earning professional poker player in the southwest.
Liz/Rosa: Wowww.
Isobel: Ante up! [picks up another dress] Or, this bad bitch. She makes party favors for bachelorette parties. She can make literally anything into a penis. Think of it as a clean slate.

Michael: You said you were 18 when your mom started getting sick, right?
Maria: She gave it to me as a gift for my graduation.
Michael: If this prevents you from having more episodes, it probably stops the neurodegeneration process, too. It's not kryptonite, Maria. This is preventative medicine. Keep it on.