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The Garbage Collector, Donald, is in the Hampton’s with his sister meeting with his agent over a new script.  He leaves and gets pulled over by a cop for swerving. He cop asks him to do a field sobriety test and he starts to fall because of his knees so the cop shoots him with a stun gun. Hank and Evan are driving and pull over to help him. 

Later that day Donald goes to visit Hank at his home with his sister/manager Faith. Evan ends up taking Faith out to dinner where she takes a bunch of vitamins and doesn’t eat her dinner. It’s going so bad that she is even repeating herself. Evan realizes something is wrong.

At the birthday party, Hank gets invited by Donald to be apart of his show. He collapses on the floor. Hank runs a bunch of tests and can’t figure it out.  He takes Donald to get more MRI tests done.

At a barbeque Faith tells Evan that she gets a job offer and wants to take it. She goes to get her vitamins and collapses. Her gastric bypass in conjunction to not keeping a healthy diet is what made her pass out.

Later that day, Donald passes out and Jill calls Hank to come back. Hank realizes that Donald wears dentures and the adhesive cream he uses has high levels of zinc. He tells Donald to ditch the cream and get better proper fitting dentures and everything will go back to normal.

Hank meets with Eddie and they hash it out. Hank has no interest in forgiving his father and Eddie has no interest in leaving.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I shouldn't have eaten that cake Hank - I should've just applied it to my thighs.

Mrs. Neuberger

Cheese on three. One two three - cheese!