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Boris sends a driver to pick up Hank and take him in the city. Evan gets word of this and tags along.  It turns out that they didn’t go to the city, but to Cuba.

Boris tells Hank he had to trick him in order to get to come to Cuba. Boris assures Hank that his work back at home will be covered by a very competent doctor while he is in Cuba. With the clinical studies done by Dr. Casseras (Marissa), they  are able to diagnoses him with a hereditary mutation. Boris wants Hank to help him with the pre-trial testing. Hank urges Boris not to rush into anything, but his warnings go unnoticed.

Later that night, after watching Boris and Marissa dancing, Hank also finds out that Boris’ feelings for Marissa are not very platonic. Hank is not thrilled about this relationship especially because it looks like Marissa is in it for the money.

Boris ends up going through with the clinical trial because he is in love with Marissa. He asks Hank to stay, but Hank tells him that he must leave. Hank assures him that when he gets back home he will be searching for a cure.

While Hank is preoccupied in his work, Evan searches the area looking for some fun of his own. He enlists himself in a scuba trip where he meets a beautiful woman named Mindy who is vacationing Cuba with some friends. The two hit it off really well.

Later on, Evan is out doing some shopping and runs into Mindy again. She invites him out, but he already has plans. While shopping he trades his cell phone for a box of Cuban cigars.  Evan thinks that giving these cigars to their clients will be a great idea so he orders more.

When Mindy’s friend is in really bad shape, Evan calls Hank to the rescue. It appears that because of the scuba and recent Anastasia, she needs to be hospitalized. Mindy thanks Hank and goes back home with Evan to spend his last night there together.

Back at home, Divya is trying to deal with Hank’s temporary replacement – a doctor named Emily Peck. These two women are like oil and vinegar.

When a patient calls complaining about a headache, Emily orders an MRI even though Divya thinks it is a mistake. The MRI tests come back normal so Divya gives him a shot of Botox to help with what she believes is tension headaches.

Later, Divya does her own research on Emily, but everything comes out sparkling clean. Divya dislikes Emily so much that when Emily hands her a card for future needs, she rips it up and tells her that she is very unprofessional.

The episode ends with Hank boarding the plane and Evan not being on it.  It then cuts to Evan looking for his cigar dealer. A man then grabs Evan and throws him into a car.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Think about it Hank, you can do the right thing or you can kill a polar bear.


Evan: Please take the baggage.
Hank: I don't want to take the baggage.