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Hank and Evan join Eddie whose hearing has finally come up. Eddie now has to serve jail time for his wrong doings.

Evan tells Hank about the offer Boris gave him to send their father away. Hank is happy that Evan never told Eddie because it is an offer they know he can’t refuse. Eddie hears all of this and goes to see Boris.

Boris tells Eddie he is not doing this for him, but for those that would be better off without him.  Just as Eddie is about to make a final flea, his boys get him to go to prison instead.

Raj is not too thrilled about the news that Divya made out with Adam. Their dance instructor, Niko, is constantly coughing. Divya wants to check him out, but he is reluctant to let her.  He ends up getting the phenomena and Divya rushes him to the hospital. Raj realizes that this is Divya’s calling and how much she’s giving up for their marriage.

Jill gets an offer of a lifetime to run a program in South America that starts right away.  The man that offered the job, Ben, has a relapse of MS with blurry vision.

Jill tells Hank that she is taking the job at the Hospital Benefit with John Legend.  Ben shows up at the benefit and can barely walk. Ben is having a hard time giving the speech. Hank realizes that Ben may not have MS and instead has lime disease.

Evan and Paige decide to make the trip to London for Divya’s wedding into a dream vacation.

Divya hands over the keys to her HankMed mobile to Hank.  She’s still worried about her patient Nikko, but leaves for the airport anyway. Hank gets a call and finds out that Nikko has the pneumonic plague.  Divya realizes that this is one too many signs to not go through with the wedding.

Hank and Jill enjoy one last date on the beach before she leaves to go on the six month medical practice with Ben.  

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

(to Divya) Adam comes from money. Is that what attracted you to him?


What kind of man kicks two wonderful kids out of their house?