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Eddie and Ms. Newburg announce they're moving in together, but Eddie seems to be having a lot of chest problems.  Hank wants to order a stress test, but there's no time!  He's got Blue Sky money to raise.  Evan reveals to Hank about the shady guy he keeps seeing Eddie meet with, and they agree to confront Eddie if the results of the stress test come back fine.

Hank ends up treating AJ (Rena Sofer), a patient with a sprained ankle who a penchance for gossip.  She sees to asks all kinds of questions about Hankmed, Jill, and Boris.

Meanwhile, Divya finds herself a little too concerned when her patient, Adam, has a kidney-related health issue.  They end up sharing a lot of time together and eventually a kiss.  At the end of the episode, Divya sits with Jill to try and decide between Raj and Adam.  While she's staring off towards London, she seemes to decide Adam has something Raj does not.

Boris takes off by helicopter and returns with Marissa, sick from incarcaration from Cuba.   During a workup with Hank, she reveals that she's five weeks pregnant, but has not told Boris.

After the stress test comes back fine, Hank reveals that Eddie has high cholesterol, but healthy enough to confront him.  He claims it's about protecting them while he tries to get them back the money he stole.   After

In relationship land, Paige is bothered by the fact she hasn't gotten to know Eddie's family and tries to solve all of Evan's problems by cutting a check to Blue Sky.  He's touched and invites her to go golfing with pops.  

When Evan mentions their invite to a meeting with Boris, Eddie invites himself along.  At the meeting, Boris reveals that Eddie had been convicted by the SEC and to get a reduced sentence, he became an informant to bust Boris.  Eddie, upon being unveiled, has a heart attack.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

AJ: I have a confession to make.
Hank: Uh, that's outside my scope of practice.

AJ: I feel like poop. cCuld that be from the ankle sprain?
Hank: I doubt that but I need you to be a touch more specific than poop.