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Evan freaks out because Emily has stolen all their Hank Med names for her own private practice. As he goes in to tell Hank, Emily walk out of Hank’s bedroom.

Evan devises a plan to get back at her by diverting anyone who looks at her website to something silly.

Hank’s new patient, Stanly is complaining about being sick. He is also a process server who served Hank and Jill’s clinic.

Another one of Hank’s patient is Ted’s father - Harrison Phillips. A well known doctor who has emphysema.  Divya devises a plan to get Hank to realize what a terrible person Emily is - having her work on the case.

With Divya’s keen observation, Hank and Emily realizes that Harrison isn’t suffering with emphysema, but has pneumonia. Harrison starts really breaking down because of what Emily prescribed him.

Over the course of the night, Harrison is able to make it though.  The next morning, they realize that Harrison doesn’t have pneumonia, but has whooping cough. They are able to stop the rest of the Phillips clan before they head off.

Evan meets with his father and asks for his advice about the Hank and Emily situation. Evan realizes something weird is up with Eddie R, but he doesn’t do anything.

Evan takes Stan to the hospital where he gets an emergency surgery for his appendicitis. Evan runs into Jill who is having difficulties with the head Dr. who served their clinic. Jill ends up lying to her about the big donor of the clinic being Boris. This gets the Dr. to drop the charges.

Divya ends up giving her approval of Emily joining their ranks. Evan is speechless.

The episode ends with Evan following his father and seeing some shady business go down.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Evan: We have to plan a serious war retaliation for this succubus!
Emily: Succubus, really?

Emily Peck has crossed a serious line.