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Divya is in London to be with Raj and gives the guys her three week notice.

Hank invites Jill to stay with him while her neighbors are filming a realty TV show.  One of the realty stars crashes off the air tube and Hank comes to the rescue.

Another one of the realty beach stars isn’t feeling well. At first, Hank couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him until the young man admitted to getting a bunch of shots into his armpits because he sweats profusely. Hank figures out that he might have botulism. They start treatment right away.  

Marissa has yet to tell Boris that she is pregnant. She tells Hank to mind his own business. Meanwhile, Hank covers his bases and finds out that she has toxoplasmosis. They inform Boris that she has it.

Meanwhile, back at Hank’s Emily sneaks into bed and is shocked to find Jill in it.

Later on that day, Hank and Evan meet up with Emily to discuss her joining HankMed, she counter proposals with him joining her in opening up franchises of medical concierges all over the country.

Paige invites Evan to an exclusive party and he takes advantage of it by bringing the entire realty cast. Paige is extremely upset with Evan.  Another one of the realty stars falls sick. They rush her to the hospital and find out that the botulism was caused by an exploding can.

Emily confronts Hank about his feelings for Jill. He pretends that it’s not there, but they both know that they are lying.

Divya accidentally admits to Evan that she needs a distraction from reality and he sees it as hope that maybe she wont move to England after all

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

(to Evan) Way to go Einstein. You nailed it again.


(to Evan) She says that you got it on mute.