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Hank plays in a charity football game, as Greg Jennings guest stars on this episode.

HankMed finds itself treating the gardener of Hank’s high school rival, Ken Keller, a job which puts Hank in competitive mode, in the middle of a charity football game and on the fast-track to repairing their relationship.

Divya struggles with the aftermath of being cut off by her parents, as Evan attempts to keep her busy and her mind off the recent developments. Evan’s attempt, however, results in a breakdown between Divya and Evan.

Paige is keeping a medical secret from Evan that she almost tells Hank, but refrains, leaving us to wonder what’s happening to her.

Hank and Ken win co-MVP’s at the football classic, and Hank and Evan get Divya a vintage jeep to replace the Mercedes that got repossessed.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Please touch with your eyes.

Divya [to Evan]

Game on!...schedule permitting.

Hank[to Keller]