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Eddie comes back to the Hamptons to tell Hank and Evan that he and Ms. Newburg are getting married…in two days but Hank worries there’s more to the story. He’s also wonders why everyone around him can find someone to love but him. 

Divya is pregnant, again and planning to marry Raj. She got into Stonybrooke Medical School on Long Island but is waitlisted at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Jeremiah is back at HankMed after his regression. He follows up with an 8-year-old patient of Hank’s who hurt his foot in a bike accident, but Jeremiah is overwhelmed by the chaos of the house with only the two brothers, older sister, and loose iguana named Godzilla. 

Later, Jeremiah comes back to the house with Divya and this time, accomplishes his follow up. When the older sister, Lena, complains of pain, Divya does and ultrasound and finds she has pancreatitis. Lena shares that their parents are dead but her aunt is their guardian and will be home later. Divya leaves her card and wants to follow up with the aunt about Lena’s care. 

Eddie admits to Hank that he feels guilty finding happiness after walking out on his first true love. 

Diana Underhill is running for Senate and sees Hank for a sore shoulder. Hank treats her but later she calls back with intense pain in both her shoulder and her abdomen. Hank thinks she has endometriosis and needs s biopsy but she leaves the hospital early before they can do the procedure because she has too many donor phone calls to make. 

Hank finds Diana at her home coughing up blood, he has to perform surgery for a hemothorax to save her. It makes him late to the wedding. When Hank arrives, he finds out that Eddie isn’t coming to his own wedding. He sent a text message saying he just can’t do it and he’s disappeared. Somewhere, Eddie sits with what may be a therapist, telling them that he wanted to go through with it but just couldn’t. 

Ms. Newburg tells Hank that Eddie blames himself for Hank’s romantic paralysis. Afterwards, Hank tells the nurse he’s begun seeing, Jenn, that he doesn’t want to be his dad but thinks he shouldn’t see her anymore in order to protect her son. But Jenn points out that her son is going to be with his father for the summer so protecting him isn’t an issue. 

Hank tells Diana that she has to have a hysterectomy. She decides she wants to have it right away but privacy is paramount as she’s in the middle of a political campaign.  

Jeremiah’s parents surprise him with a visit at the hospital. Paige heads to Texas to visit her family and get her mind off of her and Evan’s fertility issues.

Evan is in a panic as he realizes that the hospitals computer systems have been hacked. 

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Paige: I know you won't be saying things like that if I ever get pregnant.
Evan: When you get pregnant.

Divya: I'm not worried about finding something fancy. I am worried about finding something I can fit in to.
Evan: I actually have an old camping tent you can borrow if you like.