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Hamptons Heritage Hospital’s computer systems have been hacked and Boris insists that the hospital be open with employees, patients, and the public about the hack and that personal information may have been compromised. 

Hank wanders onto a movie set where a stunt woman, Rachel Keppler who dislocates her finger and pops it back in without Hank’s help. Since their small, independent movie has no medical staff, Hank give her his card in case they need help. Turns out she’s been passing out during stunts but she insists on doing her next stunt despite Hank’s protests. 

Rachel passes out again while Hank is on the set. Turns out a previous injury caused a fracture that is pinching a nerve that affects her eyes. When she puts in the contacts she wears on the set, it lowers her heart rate and she passes out. s

Divya invites Jeremiah’s parents to the Hank Med barbecue but he and his parents just can’t seem to find a way to connect. Hank invites Jan and Sam. As Sam is leaving for Idaho the next day to visit his father, Jan asks Hank out on a real date. Unfortunately, it turns out they really don’t have a lot in common, other than Sam. 

Later, Jeremiah goes to say goodbye his parents but finds their dog, Rosie, whom they thought had been spayed, is in labor. With the help of his mother, Jeremiah helps deliver the puppies. 

Boris tells Hank that he’s upset that he hasn’t been able to get back to his family because of the situation with the hack. His son, Carlos is about to begin a pediatric treatment because he too carried the gene for the disease that plagues Boris’ family. 

Diana Underhill’s medical information ends up all over the news and she threatens to sue the hospital. Evan finds out that she leaked the information herself. Evan uses the information to get her to publicly commend Hamptons Heritage for its wonderful care. But the investigation shows that the hack was clearly intended to retrieve only one patient’s medical information and that’s Boris’. 

Hank agrees to go to Hong Kong with Boris to find out more about his son’s treatment. 

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

If your head needs to roll, I will be the one to drop the blade.


This situation is dire enough as it is, wouldn't you agree? Concealing it or even the appearance of concealing it can only aggravate it and me further. Am I clear?