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The queens debrief on the couch after Ongina's eliminations. Shea is happy she won $20,000, but she's sad it had to happen. She would've eliminated Ongina.

The rest of the lipstick votes were unanimous for Ongina. In confessional, Blair St. Clair was upset that Ongina gave up.

Mariah feels relieved to have survived. She doesn't want to end up in the bottom again.

The queens read Ongina's goodbye message. Alexis Mateo asks Miz Cracker about why she said what she said to Ongina. Miz Cracker explains herself, but Mayhem Miller doesn't believe her and thinks Cracker is being manipulative.

Alexis Mateo goes for Miz Cracker and demands everyone show their true intentions. In confessional, Jujubee thinks Alexis is playing mind games. Miz Cracker is feeling down about what they said about her.

For the Maxi Challenge, the queens will team up to create a five-star hotel experience suite. The teams are randomly drawn: (1) Mariah Paris Balenciaga, Miz Cracker, and Shea Coulee, (2) India Ferrah, Jujubee, and Alexis Mateo, and (3) Blair St. Clair and Mayhem Miller.

The challenge involves a tour, a welcome basket, designing the room, and presenting the room. In confessional, Mayhem is happy to be teaming with Blair instead of Miz Cracker.

In confessional, Jujube is hungry for a win. Her team agrees to do a jungle theme. Blair and Mayhem decide on a golden-themed room.

Miz Cracker is feeling her anxiety rise up again. While her team decides on a Golden Girls theme, she is dealing with the feeling of the other girls thinking she's being mean and shady.

The queens start painting and putting together their rooms. Miz Cracker starts feeling better after being in a room with Shea Coulee; Shea is cheering her up.

The next day, Alexis encourages her team to be bold and stand out.

Mayhem and Blair St. Clair talk about their experience during the last challenge. Mayhem doesn't believe Miz Cracker's last apology. Miz Cracker defends herself, but Alexis still coming for her. Alexis claims that girls are talking bad about Miz Cracker behind her back. Jujubee and India Ferrah are laughing at the side because Alexis is coming her with her strange explanations.

The first team is the "Golden Gals Palace and Resort." Their room is inspired by the Golden Girls; Mariah tries a few sultry kokes.

The second team is the "Glamazon." Everything is a jungle-themed room; Jujubee delivers many jokes.

The third team is the "24 Karat Room." The room is covered in gold and the queens play with a whisper "rich" word.

The runway category is "3 Looks-in-1." Blair St. Clair does an outfit through time from the 50s-70s, Mayhem Miller goes for vintage, Alexis Mateo does a circus look, India Ferrah does houndstooth realness, Jujubee does Halloween costumes, Mariah Paris Balenciaga does New York-inspired drag, Miz Cracker is inspired by Princess Anastasia, and Shea Coulee is inspired by a moth.

The favorite suite is the 24K Gold, but the best performance win goes to Jujubee. Blair, Mayhem, and Jujubee leave the stage.

The judges think Alexis Mateo was funny during the challenge, but her outfits on the runway were a lot to look at. India's runway outfits looked cohesive; however, she got outshined by her team in the room challenge.

With Mariah, Michelle Visage didn't like her first outfit change. The judges didn't like the Golden Girls room; there were no jokes or nods to the show. For Miz Cracker, the judges thought she was funny, but some of her jokes didn't land. MIz Cracker has a moment feeling down; Nicole Byer tells her to not care what others say about her. The judges feel Shea's outfits looked too crafty and her jokes didn't land.

Alexis Mateo and Miz Cracker are safe. India Ferrah, Shea Coulee, and Mariah Paris Balenciaga end up in the bottom.

Mariah makes her case to Jujubee that she has grown and wants to stay. Shea Coulee makes an emotional case to the queens, but some of the others think now is the opportunity to send her home. Shea asks Jujubee to give her a second chance. In confessional, Jujubee contemplates taking out a big competitor like Shea.

Mariah makes a plea to the queens. She gives Miz Cracker kind words about working with her; Miz Cracker tears up.

Alexis Mateo votes out Shea Coulee. Mariah votes for India. India votes for Mariah. The rest of the votes are kept secret. Mayhem is conflicted because she made a deal with India and needs to vote someone out. Mayhem Miller votes out Shea Coulee.

The lipsync assassin is Monet X Change.

The lipsync song is "Juice" by Lizzo. Monet X Change came out with plenty of energy and some dance moves. Jujubee stayed mostly mellow with her lipsync.

Monet X Change won the lipsync. Her lipstick revealed Mariah Paris Balenciaga's name.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

[In confessional] Alexis wants you to be real. She wants to be clear about things. She wants to trust you. She wants to know who you are. I think you’re playing head games, Miss Alexis, and it’s working on some of these bitches.


Alexis Mateo: A lot of girls talk about you behind your back. Oh, I could be one of them and just go behind your back and tell everybody how we gonna get rid of you, but I’m not.
Miz Cracker: I know.
Alexis Mateo: I’m not!
Miz Cracker: I hear everything you’re saying.