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The queens assess all the votes from the previous elimination round. Shea Coulee gets two mysterious votes; Mariah got four votes and India got one vote. Mayhem Miller comes clean about voting for Shea since she couldn't vote India or Mariah.

Alexis Mateo reveals she votes Shea as well. The queens are confused why Alexis didn't vote for India instead of Shea.

The queens read Mariah Paris Balenciaga's lipstick message. The queens talk about how the previous challenge winners end up in the bottom the next week. Jujubee refuses to acknowledge that curse.

The Maxi Challenge is "SheMZ." The queens will team up to perform skits on the nationally-syndicated gossip show, SheMZ.

India Ferrah and Mayhem Miller are a shopgirl fighting with a shoplifter. Jujugee, Blair St. Clair, and Miz Cracker are queens fighting over a college admissions scandal. Shea Coulee and Alexis Mateo are queens fighting over getting kicked off the The Real Housewives of Tuckahoe.

Mayhem and India are excited to do the challenge. India reveals her past that she used to be shoplifter; she got caught by the police and had to go to court. Mayhem is a little worried since she got previously eliminated during an improv challenge.

Shea wants to break the curse of her teammates getting eliminated. In confessional, Shea says she doesn't trust Alexis. Shea and Alexis throw shady and funny barbs at each other.

Miz Cracker confronts Blair St. Clair about the rumors of her plotting to get Cracker out. Blair says there was tension, but she wants to keep moving forward as friends. Jujubee sits back and is intrigued by the brewing fights between them.

The SheMZ has the queens performing two roles: them as the male SheMZ employees and the queens on the street. Carson Kressley is the host of the show. Ross Mathews is one of the camera person.

The CGI is a bit rough as the blendings mixe too much in.

During Shea and Alexis' skit, the queens through passive-aggressive lines at each other. The queens fake pregnancies, hit each other with pillows, and get into a fight.

During the college admissions skit, a romance is revealed between Cracker and Jujubee's characters. A fight breaks out between the characters.

During the stealing skit, India is caught stealing vases and dropping it from her legs.

Shea had a good time filming with Alexis, but she'll still keep looking over shoulder at her competitor. India is confident about her performance in the challenge.

Blair St. Clair and Mayhem Miller reveal their past DUI scandals. Mayhem got arrested in drag both times; she talks about the humilating experience at the police station and serving time.

The runway category is "Camo Couture." Jujubee does an elegant cape, Miz Cracker a pop star-inspired look, Blair St. Clair goes for Mother Nature look, Shea Coulee goes for a blue look, Alexis Mateo is in winter camo, Mayhem Miller is in a Barbie camo, and India Ferrah is inspired by video game couture.

Shea Coulee and Blair St. Clair are safe.

The judges loved Jujubee's character and the jokes she gave. The judges were impressed by Miz Cracker's performance and her look on the runway. The judges loved Alexis's winter gown, but her acting performance stumbled as she kept talking and cutting off Shea.

The judges thought Mayhem started strong, but it took too long to get through the challenge. Mayhem snaps back at Carson when he judges her look. The judges loved India's runway outfit, but her performance stumbled as well.

Miz Cracker is the winner and top All Star of the week. Jujubee and Alexis Mateo are safe. Mayhem Miller and India Ferrah are at the bottom two.

Mayhem pleads her case to Cracker. In confessional, Mayhem didn't want to plead case to Cracker out of anyone in the game. The queens want to put their tensions aisde.

India makes a case to the other queens; she feels she put it all out there. India pushes hard to Cracker to keep her around. India feels that Mayhem held back and didn't give it all.

Mayhem didn't give a strong case to the other queens. She accepts the fate of whatever happens. In confessional, Jujubee is mad that Mayhem checked out.

During the voting, Shea Coulee votes for Mayhem, and India votes for Mayhem.

The lipsync assassin is Morgan McMichaels. The song is "Where Have You Been" by Rihanna. The queens throw out many tricks, comedic jokes, and flirtatious stances.

Both Miz Cracker and Morgan McMichaels win the lipsync. Each one gets the power to deliver a chop in the competition. Morgan's lipstick reveals Mayhem Miller and Miz Cracker's lipstick reveals Mayhem Miller.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Jujubee: If I’m going down, you’re going down.
Miz Cracker: I have gone down. I know you’re going down too, if you play our cards right.
Ross Mathews: What?
Jujubee: I’m still wearing the butterfly ring you gave me.
Miz Cracker: Oh please, let your butterfly flap a little more for me, love. All you have to do is tell these reporters that absolutely nothing is going on between us.
Blair St. Clair: Wait … what, Mom?!
Jujubee: I love you, but I can’t

I’m not just sickening, I’m contagious.

Alexis Mateo